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Listing independent series.


How to Get Your Series on the List

  1. Fill out the following form on step 2. Provide the URL to where you are going to host the series. You cannot host your series in AG. If you don't have a host site, create your series' host site by using Webs, DeviantArt, etc.
  2. Series Name: Obviously the name of your series
    Status: Ongoing? Hiatus? Dead? Finished? Etc.?
    Creator: Your name/username/nickname/whatever you want to be called
    Genre: The genre of your series; action/adventure, drama, etc.
    Rating: Your series' view rating from G to R), (Keep the comma if you are going to include warnings such as violence, nudity, etc. if applicable
    Summary: Paragraph long; approx. 2-12 sentences long
    Registration Required: Answer yes or no if the viewer/reader needs to join your site to watch/read your series
  3. Besides the form and URL, also send the following:
    1. Optional: Image that represents your series
    2. For those who did not register as a member on this site: Send a URL to your website. Those who did don't have to worry about this.
  4. PM or email Kay. Email is on the sidebar.


  • PM/email your own content
  • Asking Kay to fill out form for listing your series is acceptable though.
  • Don't forget to leave any information out.