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If you manage to become either an admin or a mod of this site, you get more than just mere fruits. You'll get cookies, milk, and cake for being awesome.
  • There can be only one site creator. And it's visualbunnykay. She is in charge of running the site.
  • The administrators are the managers of AG. They're in charge of keeping up with the content if the site creator is away/overworked/procrastinating/etc.
  • The moderators are the police force of AG who watch over forum activities. Make sure you're following the rules or you'll be dealing with them.

Job Positions

  • Admin Level
    • (TAKEN) Editor: In charge of approving/adding series and keeping up with the content.
    • (1 spot available) Co-Editor: Works alongside with editor. Backup for approving/adding series.
  • Moderator Level
    • (Available to all) Police Officers: Checks for any suspicious activities lurking the forums

Existing Staff

Number of Series Listed



If you want to become an affiliate with Avante-Garde, please contact Kay by this email address: