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Black Jack

Series Name: Black Jack
Status: Unknown
Tsukiyo Tensei
Genre: Science-fiction, romance
Rating: PG, (Adult language and situations)
Summary:The Amazing Tsukiyo Tensei gets a chance to work in the lab of the famous mastermind Black Jack. This is a fan-made manga.
Registration Required: No

Daisy and Mat

Series Name: Daisy and Mat
Status: Ongoing
Creator: Courtney Chulsky (PunkCourtney)
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Daisy and Mat is about two very different cats who get into some interesting (and funny) situations with their less then normal friends.
Registration Required: No, but subscribing would be appreciated!

The Furies

Series Name: The Furies
Status: Ongoing
Teresita Blanco
Genre: Action/adventure, magic
R, (Ideologically sensitive material inside)
Summary: An epic hero weds a goddess to achieve immortality, but the price of  become a god is far greater than he anticipated.
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Series Name: Graveyard
Status: Ongoing
Creator: LUFCS
Genre: Action, mystery, science-fiction, & horror
Rating: PG-13, (Adult language and situations)
Summary: In a small suburban town from Rhode Island State rises a big manor. Behind its façade as a college center hides the operation headquarters for the William W. Graveyard Institute, an organization with a sole purpose: to fight against the cosmic dark forces that threaten the future of mankind.

Mainly recruited for their supernatural abilities, the members of the Graveyard Institute, due to their extreme pragmatism and a rather pessimistic world point of view, have gained a dark reputation and few friends.

However, who would have an optimistic point of view after seeing all what they have seen?

The saddest thing for this Institute and its members is that long time ago they have come to understanding that it is not possible to defeat the forces of the evil Great-Old-Ones that rips the Universe. Facing this fatal destiny, the only choice they could take was to maintain the veil that covers the eyes of mankind by building a lie so we can happily walk in oblivion towards our unavoidable extinction.

Thus, our heroes spend their days researching, classifying, and destroying as far as possible the phenomena this cosmic war leaves on Earth, struggling to prevail and not fall into despair, madness or the darkness.
Registration: No

Metal Heart

Series Name: Metal Heart
Status: Incomplete
Creator: Justin L. Brisson
Genre: Action-Drama, Sci-Fi
Rating: PG-PG 13, (Blood, some suggestive language, stylized violence)
Summary: Davell, a close to retired, illegal, hitman needs a successor-- one who doesn't asks questions, doesn't ask for a cut, and is as good, if not better than himself. Davell has turned to biological technology, and has invested in a research corporation headed by Zachrias Richards, a medical and scientific genius, and is renowned for his creation of the first living humanoid android, as in, Dr. Richards has successfully planted a human brain into a metal skeletal frame, surrounded by synthetic self-regenerating flesh. Davell needs this to retire but still get income. But Davell's patience soon wears thin, and he interrupts the final construction of his hitman. This allowed the clone to feel emotion. under confusion and stress, 6.9, the clone who later on renames himself as Zach, runs out of the research center, and into the world, where he makes the choice to not hurt the innocent, but to track down major criminals, like Davell and kill them.
Registration Required: No

The Omega

Series Name: The Omega
Status: Unknown
Teresita Blanco
Genre: Tech, mecha
Rating: R, (Ideologically sensitive material inside, adult language and adult situations)
Summary: A modern version of Frankenstein, Leos becomes the victim of a series of experiment performed while in a hospital. The monster he becomes seeks out his creator in a bloody rampage.
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