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About Site

  1. What is Avant-Garde?

    The term avant-garde is French for vanguard, which connects with the art world. Usually, the works in avant-garde are out of the mainstream.

    The site Avant-Garde is a directory for series created to help entertain people with unique series and give the independent series the fame they deserve.

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About Membership

  1. How do I become a manager/police?

    1. Be a registered member on this site.
    2. Check out the Staff page (located in Groups page) to find out whether the job you wanted is still available.
    3. Go to the Apply for a Job page and fill out the form. We prefer if you use your username for your name to contact you more easily.
    4. Click submit and wait for either an email or PM if you have the job. You will know you got the job if your member status changed into either moderator or administrator.
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  1. Since my series is on your site, doe this mean that AG owns my series?

    No. We don't own your series. We simply list them in our directory.

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